I guess you can tell by the title we have a new little addition joining us in August 2018!

I’m so pleased to share our news with you finally, we have managed to keep it a close secret for the first 12 weeks, family included and I’ve been bursting to share it with you all, so has Archie apparently! He keeps telling everyone about the “BEBE”

We found out just before Christmas and it’s not been an easy ride so far, I have a bunch of videos going live on my YouTube which you can take a peak at if you’d like to! They are full with all my symptoms during my 2 week wait and when we got our big fat positive!

I’m so happy to be on this journey again and would love if you came along with us for the ride!

Thanks for reading!! We can’t wait to meet you little one ♥️



Let’s talk weaning!


This may seem a weird subject when Archie is two years old….but he has always been an extremely fussy eater.

From the age of 6 months we started BLW (baby led weaning) we chose this based on the type of child he was, he was always very independent and everything has always been done to his accord! His way or the highway as we say! It started great, he was eager to try bits and pieces but really there was never any signs he was eating much at all! If you know what I mean…


We introduced cutlery when he started weaning and really we let him get stuck right in he was a mess most days! He couldn’t ever really get the hang of holding his cutlery set, it was pretty basic but I never thought to check for anything better!


We came across Doddl cutlery just before Archis second birthday and I thought, why not give it a try!?
Honestly- no false judgement at all, Archie really is loving using it. The pictures say it all!
He’s been so much better with his coordination and picking his foods up and even cuts his own fish fingers…fish fingers I know.. terrible! If you have a fussy eater I’m sure you would understand the struggle!


Thank you for reading! Carlie.

A/W with Archie

My favourite seasons are rolling in and the urge for summer waves is slowly disappearing. I have been on the hunt for some bits for Archie’s A/W wardrobe.

My go to shops are usually-

I tend to go for a specific colour palette when it comes to A/W, browns, beige, greens and burgundy.

Some of my absolute favourite piece this year come from the brand Tiny Cottons which can be found on the Alittlebitmilo  site. Its full of browns and beige colours and the quality is always incredible. The llama print being a firm favourite! They are retailing at £28 and there is a 10% discount code when signing up to the newsletter!

tiny-cottons-lama-heads-leggings-pants-beige_grandeAnother favourite brand of mine is Mini Rodini as I’m sure you’ve already guessed! They make the BEST outerwear, I don’t think I will ever buy another brand after owning theirs. These are a few of my favourite items from their newest collection, available from the Junior Edition site which I have linked above. There is ab amazing Babies print too which isn’t available from this lovely store but definitely worth checking out elsewhere. It is amazing.

For basics and more “high-street” items I tend to stick to Lindex, H&M and ZARA. For me they are the only shops that seem to get it right. All very much fashionable and affordable. TIP- I always tend to check out both boys and girls section in these shops for leggings and overalls for Archie and I always find some amazing items!

I cant wait to make a start on his A/W wardrobe and these items are definitely going to be some of my first purchases!

Where are your favourite places to shop for your littles? I’m always open to checking out new stores and brands…much to Archie’s dads disgust!  haha.

Thanks for reading! Carlie x


I figured since 2017 has almost been and gone I would write a quick post about three things I would love to achieve before the year is out… giving myself roughly four months to get sh*t done!

1-  PHOTOGRAPHY. Between now and the start of 2018 I really would have loved to teach myself some new bits and bobs to do with photography and the current bane of my life…Photoshop. Having an A-level in something surely doesn’t mean you are an expert (or close to one in my case.) I have always loved taking pictures and editing, more so since Archie came along, I really love capturing his life through the lens. I have been teaching myself the ropes by watching YouTube tutorials step by step and slowly but surely I am picking up new skills.

2. NEW HOME. Before having Archie we moved into our first home together. It has been so lovely and my fondest memories have been made here but its definitely time for us to move on. We have been looking for our (hopefully) forever home for around two months now and we have seen some we love but we have sadly missed out on. I’m really hoping the saying “good things come to those who wait” is true because I am feeling the toll of constantly browsing homes and wishing they were ours. Fingers crossed we have one before the new year!

3BLOG AND YOUTUBE. For as long as I remember I have always wanted to document parts of our lives but haven’t really ever had the confidence to do it. Now I have Archie, he is my inspiration, I do these things for him to look back on. I would love to build my own little place online for him to come and watch his childhood or read about things we have done together as a little family. Before 2018 I would love to have gotten more confident in sharing our lives online. I feel like so many people do this and I never stop to think twice about them doing it and in fact I absolutely love watching them.

What are you hopes and goals for the rest of 2017? I would love to hear them!





Archie turns two

This year for Archie’s birthday we decided to just arrange a small family get together in a nice open field in our local town, I didn’t want the stress of arranging a party and I’m not going to lie I also didn’t want the expense of it! I started to collect some bits and pieces and had an idea in my head of what I wanted the day to go like… I couldn’t have been any more unrealistic if I tried! Did I forget we live in England?! The weather is so unpredictable and the forecast actually predicted rain for three consecutive days leading up to his party! Plans were soon cancelled!

I decided to have a quick browse online for village halls that were local to me (and not old fashioned or completely horrid! What is it with village halls being so outdated?!) I managed to actually find the perfect one. With two days notice! The hall was beautiful, it was just off the side of a lovely, little church. It was round, white and really quirky! I loved it.

I managed to get the invites changed and resent, Archie’s nan stepped in and helped me with the buffet and setting up and it turned out to be such a beautiful day. I managed to get some lovely pictures and we all managed to make some beautiful memories with our best friends and close family.

I absolutely loved how the day turned out, here are some of my favourite snaps!







A letter to my two year old.

Archie Bear,

It has been two years since the day I first lay my eyes on you, my tiny 7lb 7oz of complete perfection. The past two years have been a total whirlwind, you have become the most amazing little boy and seeing you grow and learn every day has been incredible. My favourite memories will always be the ones I have made with you.

This year you have changed so much, you mastered tantrums and love to breakdance, no idea where you learnt that, although it is entertaining, regardless.  Peppa and poo poo are your favourite words and you love to be outdoors. You have got everyone totally besotted with you and you are such a loved little boy.


You are so fierce, determined, strong minded and you always know exactly what you want…and how to get it! We have done so many lovely things together this year, spending New Years in Ireland with Grandad Billy, visiting Thomas land, Butlins with Nanny Jayne, Picnics in the country fields, making dens in your tepee and meeting one of your best friends and the endless adventures you have gone on with him.

One of my favourite things about you is how you speak. You have your own little language which consists of about 10 words. You love to scare people by playing peekaboo and pronounce boo as bowww. It is adorable.
You’re obsessed with all things that move. Cars, trucks, busses, boats, helicopters but Fire and rescue vehicles are 100% you’re favourite. ‘naww naww naww naww’ 

I thought once your first birthday had been and gone I would be totally fine and accept the fact that you are growing up but, really, I cant. I find it mind blowing that you have been here for two years already. I never imagined I could possibly find any more love in my heart for you but every single day, month and year that goes by I only seem to love you more and more. You have the most infectious laugh and seeing you smile makes all the hard days worth while.

I cant express how lucky I feel to have you in my life. You mean more to me than anything else in this entire universe and our moments together really are priceless. I love that we can still spend days snuggled on the sofa, watching your favourite programmes and how hours just fly by without realising because we are just in our own little bubble. I guess I just really adore you, from your curly head to your smelly toes.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

I cant wait to see where this year brings us. I love you forever my special boy.


Thank you for being my son.







Come with us; In the night garden Live!



Earlier this year we were kindly invited to see In the Night Garden Live , we obviously snapped up the chance because Archie is a little bit obsessed with the show! We had actually planned to bring him as his birthday present so it worked out really well for us!

His little face when he seen the banners outside the snow dome was just incredible, his eyes lit up and he got so excited! The whole event was very well planned and ran really smoothly. I have had a few questions about how he was during the show and honestly he was amazing! He was just in his own magical world and he really enjoyed himself.

I can’t recommend it enough, If you have an In the Night Garden fanatic you must go!

I have put together a short video from our day; nothing fancy but it gives you a little glimpse of what to expect!

I hope you enjoy it,

Carlie x


Where we have been

So if you follow us on here you will know that we had almost fallen of the face of the earth. Not really, we have just been either super busy or super sick! (Archie not me) 

Since I last posted we had my beautiful Sister and her little family come stay with us for a few nights. It was lovely so I wasn’t on here often. We spent nights playing monopoly when the boys where asleep and also brought Archie to his first ever theme park. He loved it! 

We then had a few lovely sunny days which we spent doing absolutely nothing but soaking up the sun and enjoying our little family. Archie got a new swimming pool and he won a goldfish at the fair. 

Lastly we had a few rough weeks. On the run up to Easter, Archie got quite poorly. He developed a non blanching rash and we had to go into hospital, they passed it on as being viral “probably” and to wait for any other menigitis symptoms and then bring him back. That doesn’t seem quite suffice to me. The next day Archie woke up with a lot of spots and blisters all over his little bum. I automatically though chicken pox. They also covered some of his legs, tummy and feet. Hand foot and mouth disease never came to mind to be honest, I just thought it was all signs that pointed to chicken pox. I sent Archie’s nan to get supply’s to treat the pox. £25 later and I thought we were ready to fight back against the spots! I remember saying to Ryan how well he was coping and that he’d been such a good boy. 

I started to doubt that it was pox when I looked more and more into it, he had barely any on his torso and his feet had started blistering more and more. I said to myself in the morning I would bring him to the doctors to have it confirmed. 

6am we woke up, Ryan was getting ready to go to work and I felt Archie next to be in bed, he was boiling hot. Not just a temperature he was boiling all over. Ryan then told me he’d been up most of the night and only wanted to cuddle him, I thought to  myself “check his nappy!” It was completely dry. That explained the aching boobs! He hadn’t fed all night. He was floppy and unresponsive. His heart was racing and his breathing was very heavy. I knew straight away he wasn’t right, we called for help and within minutes the ambulance had arrived.

He had some quick obs done, his blood sugars were fine but everything else was high. They said he needed to be seen so off to hospital we went. The ambulance drivers thought it seemed like chicken pox to look at but the doctors and pedaritcians soon confirmed it was Hand, foot and mouth disease. He was dehydrating fast and it was causing his heart rate to increase and his body to go into slight shock. 

After administering some paracetamol and ibrufren his temperature started to come down again. With 10mls of fluid every 10 minutes his heart rate also started to come back to normal. Thank god. 

Since coming home we’ve had a few spiking high temperatures again but with the right medicines it helped us manage it. Along with fighting him to take fluids by syringe for a few days. I’m so glad to have him back to normal. It has really reminded me just how fragile our little children are. 

So that’s where we have been! I hope to be back and have a less dramatic May. We’re off on our first holiday of the year soon. With two more to follow afterwards thanks to Ryan and my amazing birthday surprise. 

If you would like to see a holiday must haves for toddlers then please do let me know! 

Il leave you with some of or Easter pictures because why not?  
Lots of love, Carlie X

First glimpse of summer 

We celebrated Mother’s Day today with Archie’s Nanny. It was beautiful weather, Archie got his new Wendy house for the garden and we all ate good food (not nutritious- but good!!)

We laughed, danced to Ed Sheran (Archie’s demands) and enjoyed the first little glimpse of summer together.

It was lovely. There is nothing I love more than having good quality family time. It’s Archie’s favourite thing to do and we always seem so content as a little family afterwards. I think it is so important that Archie has a strong family that show him just how loved and special he really is.

 He is always the centre of attention, half because how completely adorable he is and half because he is a total diva and makes sure he is in the spotlight always. 

Potty training

Archie has recently turned 19 months and for the past few months has had a major interest in getting his nappy off. 

On his 1st birthday we got archie a potty to familiarise him with it, to begin with he just chucked it around and played with it but no interest or idea what it was for. I would often mention it to him and ask if he would like to use it and give him some nappy free time before his nighttime bath. I found that leaving it around and not kicking up a fuss and urging him to use it worked best for us. 

If I would ask him and sit him on the potty he got a bit overwhelmed and freaked out so I stopped doing this all together and went for the more relaxed approach. 

My top tip for potty training would definitely be to not push it, once they’re ready they will tell you, for Archie he just needed that extra privacy and independence.

Our nighttime routine would consist of;

  • Dinner
  • Nappy free time with the potty
  • Bath time 
  • Bedtime massage
  • Sleep (or lack of it…you know)

Often he would go behind the sofa and do a wee so I knew he was fully aware of what he was doing so I decided to put his potty in there so he knew he could have his privacy when he had a feeling he wanted to go. Within days we had our first wee on the potty! 

Obviously all the congratulations were given and he thought he was so cool!

We hadn’t introduced nappy free time during the day as I don’t think I was ready for all the outfit changes and pee smelling leggings! Then I heard about the Zoochini potty training pants and I found myself a bit more relaxed to allow allow him to be nappy free. 

The Zoocchini Training Pants are ideal for the transition from nappies to big boy pants. They combine comfort, ease and are pretty cute too! They are 100% cotton,washable pants are designed for day-time training and the sewn in double sided terry cloth absorbs one small wee, which for us was perfect, it allowed Archie to be aware that he had an accident but without all the extra mess and outfit changes. 

I’d love to know your top potty training tips! If you’d like to try zoochini training pants they are available from the link below!