Second baby birth plan

At 34 weeks pregnant I’ve began to think about my birth plan, what I want and what I most definitely do not want this time around. With Archie his birth was very rushed and it want a very positive birth at all- minus the fact I got my beautiful little boy out of it of […]

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32 weeks pregnant

I honestly cannot believe how quickly these weeks are rolling by, 32 weeks!! That is 8 weeks until due date and 5 weeks until the gestation your big brother arrived. Mind blowing. I really do think the house move and being pretty busy every week has helped time go that little bit quicker and I […]

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24th week of pregnancy

So we’re nearing the end of our 24th week carrying our little wildflower and it’s been the first week I had something happen that made me think, Eeek I really am pregnant!! Symptom wise with this baby girl I have been feeling pretty amazing, no complaints at all but on the other hand I’ve definitely […]

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Getting ready for baby #2

So the question is, What do we REALLY need? Going from blogs and videos I’ve been looking into it seems the Sleepyhead deluxe pod is one of the top contenders so of course….I’ve splurged and got one! I managed to pick up a few other bits along the way including some Mam bottles recommended by […]

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I guess you can tell by the title we have a new little addition joining us in August 2018! I’m so pleased to share our news with you finally, we have managed to keep it a close secret for the first 12 weeks, family included and I’ve been bursting to share it with you all, […]

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Let’s talk weaning!

This may seem a weird subject when Archie is two years old….but he has always been an extremely fussy eater. From the age of 6 months we started BLW (baby led weaning) we chose this based on the type of child he was, he was always very independent and everything has always been done to […]

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